In the Rio Grande Valley we have a unique mix of culture and language. We are a very specific market and knowing how to navigate this landscape requires more than just digital marketing, SEO, or creative insights, it requires a combination of that and more. 

It requires real strategy and planning

A lot of websites offer ideas, concepts and fluff, Area956 is here to provide help specifically for our area.

The Rio Grande Valley consists primarily of an audience who understands Spanish and celebrates culture from Mexico and America. This audience uses both English and Spanish to express themselves in their daily lives. 

(As you can see above we chose McAllen in this example as it’s one of our biggest cities.)

With that understood, what does Strategy really mean?

When determining your path to success you need to understand that a plan of attack is needed. That plan needs proper structure and proper planning.

Consider yourself at war, what routes you go can determine your success or defeat. 

That is Strategy.

For the Rio Grande Valley we need to fully consider that we are not breaking barriers, we are not speaking to 2 different audiences but instead we are speaking to 1 audience that shares 2 different cultures, shares 2 different languages. And we mean shares, we have a language that is uniquely our own it takes from both languages/cultures.

We know it as “Tex-Mex”.

With that in mind we can take a look at our very own stats and content to provide more insight.

(Area956 Stats above.)

 As you can see above we get more engagement from posts that touch on both cultures and both languages.

What does this show?

That the content that we have found to work and has helped us reach 5 million users in the last month was content that speaks to Mexican Culture and includes aspects of that culture while maintaining relevance.

The main takeaway from this information is to consider a strategy that incorporates the idea that the Rio Grande Valley is not 2 separate cultures or 2 different languages but to in fact blend both together into 1 message.

While others may disagree with this approach, we have found more value and more success with this and continue to grow.

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