Creative Refresh – Gain Value Through Communication


As we move forward into helping our community more and more we want to re-release our podcast for everyone. This is one of our first episodes of the Creative Refresh, a podcast dedicated to helping the Rio Grande Valley level up it’s creative game.

In this podcast we tackle communication and how the proper communication can actually increase your value in the end. Whether a client or a creative communicating specifics will always lead to more value from both parties. How often have you run into a situation where you are left scratching your head… what did they mean by this or does this fit into the budget.

“Communication is the most valuable skill to have”

Our founder Emmanuel Rangel is joined by our Creative Director Eddie Garcia and one of our main Producers Ismael Martinez.

Above is our podcast (The Creative Refresh) dedicated to informing and educating Creatives in the 956. We tackle different topics such as Branding, Design, Strategy and all things under the digital sun.