Covid-19 Tips – Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer


With the spreading of Covid-19 in our area we wanted to share a couple of tips on how to stay safe and even prepare at home.

We’ve taken the CDC guidelines on how to make your own Hand Sanitizer

“Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer in 3 minutes”

What you’ll need:

70% or Higher Rubbing Alchohol or Isopropyl Alchohol 
This can be commonly found in hair salon stores, or online in gallons

According to PETA you can use Everclear (151 Proof or higher)

Aloe Vera 
This can be in the form of a gel or straight from an Aloe Vera plant

Mixing Bowl

An empty spray bottle to end up as the final container


1) Pour 2/3 Cup Alcohol into your mixing bowl
2) Pour 1/3 Cup Aloe Vera into your mixing bowl
3) Mix thoroughly until you see no clumps of Aloe Vera
4) Pour into the container of your choice, we chose a simple white spray bottle. 

That’s it! Hope this helps and provides an alternative to those who can’t find any hand sanitizer in stores.