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Area Eats – Cosmo’s Kitchen

"These Vegan Tacos are 🔥🔥🔥" We started our year off with healthy food in mind!We set out to find some delicious healthy food and came across Cosmo's Kitchen in McAllen, this food truck is a...

Area Eats – Tingy Tamales

"Oreo Tamales... Seriously." As we approach the holidays we set off on a mission to find a unique dessert to bring to the table. We stumbled across Tingy Tamales and their unique twist on a Cultural...

Holiday Eats – The Pie Episode

"Who's Got the best pies?! Let's find out!" Can't have Thanksgiving without some pie! We ventured around the 956 looking for different kinds of pies from all over. Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, TRIPLE THREAT PIE,...

Area Eats – Your Sweets By Kacy

"Their Instagram photos look incredible!" You ever see those instagram photos where the food looks so good you tell yourself... "I wanna eat that right now". That's Your Sweets By Kacy Cheesecake has always been something...

Area Eats – Iced Cube

"These Murals are dope!" We heard about Ashley and her Iced Cube Raspa Stand through social media, it looked great but we didn't expect the raw authenticity behind her story. Ashley talks about the struggles that...

Area Eats – Dragon Warrior Noodle

"Ramen in the 956?! " Did you know we have Ramen in the 956?! Neither did we, so we had to visit Dragon Warrior Noodle.   When you think Rio Grande Valley you don't typically think Ramen, or...

Area Eats – Scalisi’s Chicago Style Pizza

"this is chicago pizza" Who doesn't like pizza? Of course we do but we were told that not all pizza is equal.  Those sounded like fighting words so we had to ask... what is the best...

Area Eats – Smokin’ Moon BBQ

"One of the best bbq places in the 956" You read that right, we stopped by Smokin' Moon BBQ and hung out with the owner Joseph We are once again joined by our 2 foodies Eddie...

Area Eats – Build-A-Burger

"They Built it, we demolished it" Our first episode of Area Eats!  We were told about this food truck that had some amazing burgers, so off we went to see what all the fuss was about....

Area Adventures – McAllen’s Roller Hockey

"Roller Hockey in the valley?!" One of our followers sent us a message about being at a Roller Hockey game, we had no idea what that meant so the conversation began and ended with a...

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