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Creative Refresh Weekly Series

Area956 will be live every Friday featuring local creatives on Instagram as well as have an after show on Discord. The Creative Refresh is all about showcasing Creatives in the Rio Grande Valley because we...

Creative Refresh – What is your Brand saying

With this podcast we dive into branding and what it takes to create a unique identity in the Rio Grande Valley. We touch on the key aspects of what brands are doing to develop...

Creative Refresh – Gain Value Through Communication

As we move forward into helping our community more and more we want to re-release our podcast for everyone. This is one of our first episodes of the Creative Refresh, a podcast dedicated to...

Area956 Live w/Mission Chamber

Area956 will be going live with the Mission Chamber to discuss some tips on how to improve your digital presence. Our core mission is to be a Guide to the Rio Grande Valley, which means...

Covid-19 Tips – Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

With the spreading of Covid-19 in our area we wanted to share a couple of tips on how to stay safe and even prepare at home. We've taken the CDC guidelines on how to make...

Covid-19 Precautions w/Dr. Jose Vazquez

As Covid-19 is spreading throughout our country we want to make sure to stay ahead of the curve. Dr Jose Vazquez took the time to meet with us and give us a quick idea...

Area Eats – WingBarn

"Being in the top 25 takes grit" Congrats to WingBarn for being ranked in the top 25 wing spots in Texas. They sent us a message about their achievement which of course made us incredibly...

Area Eats – La Jaiba

"This was worth the drive" This week we stopped by La Jaiba in Brownsville to get our fix of all things seafood. We hadn't featured seafood on Area Eats yet so we started looking around for...

Area Adventures – Heroes By Tinta De Guerra

"Damn this room looks insane!!!" You ever see some artwork and just think... "That looks amazing, i wonder who did that". We found the guy who did that. Meet Hector Guerra from Tinta De Guerra... a...

Area Eats – The Healing Factory

"Healthy and tasty...we're in!" We continue our health journey with some more vegetarian and vegan food! Today we hang out with Ingrid from The Healing Factory and try something a little outside our routine. We wanted...

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