Area Eats – WingBarn


“Being in the top 25 takes grit”

Congrats to WingBarn for being ranked in the top 25 wing spots in Texas. They sent us a message about their achievement which of course made us incredibly curious!

Our curiosity was rewarded as we tasted some of the the best and most uniquely flavored wings. WingBarn has enough flavors to please the entire family and yeah we tried a lot of them. We even tried the “Lava” Wings (can’t remember the name since our tongues are still on fire), you can see the reaction from our Taste Buds – Eddie and Ismael below. 

We didn’t have a heavy hand in editing this as we loved what the owner said, “It Takes Grit”. From everything we heard we completely believe that WingBarn will be around for the long run and we can’t wait to taste the flavors they come up with. 

Watch below to learn more about WingBarn and if you are brave… try the lava wings. 🔥🔥🔥