Area Eats – Smokin’ Moon BBQ


“One of the best bbq places in the 956”

You read that right, we stopped by Smokin’ Moon BBQ and hung out with the owner Joseph

We are once again joined by our 2 foodies Eddie Garcia and Ismael Martinez! Be sure to check them out on our social media @Area956. We were in for a surprise as we spoke to Joseph, the owner, and he decided to hang out and eat with us. He shares some of his experiences and what makes his journey unique. 

He learned to make the perfect BBQ from some of the best pit masters in Texas and it definitely shows. He dedicated almost a year to perfecting his BBQ before even considering opening Smokin’ Moon. That kind of devotion is amazing and we support his continued success. 

Watch below to learn more about Smokin’ Moon and be sure to try the Brisket…it’s pretty damn awesome.


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