Area Eats – Scalisi’s Chicago Style Pizza


“this is chicago pizza”

Who doesn’t like pizza? Of course we do but we were told that not all pizza is equal. 

Those sounded like fighting words so we had to ask… what is the best pizza spot in the RGV? And that was the beginning of this journey! We searched for a different taste, a new twist, something we hadn’t eaten…something not Pizza Hut or Dominos. We were told about Scalisi’s and asked the owners if they would share their story, it turned out that they were the nicest more down to earth people and their pizza was freaking good. The Taste Buds (Eddie & Ismael) scarfed down some Deep Dish pizza as well as some sides and never looked back. When asked if they would return they didn’t hesitate to say “hell yeah”. 

Watch below to learn more about Scalisi’s Chicago Style Pizza and be sure to try their Deep Dish Pizza, it’s like delivery from Chicago.


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